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How do you get work experience for your resume on

Non-paid internships are the easiest way to gain experience necessary to include on your resume. is where you can find them. It is the only website where vacancies for non-paid and minimal payment internships are listed.

 So what’s the point?

 WhileBeginners publishes resumes of young professionals and students who want to get creditable job experience to be mentioned in their employment history by having a non-paid internship, temporary or distance work or minimal payment work. In exchange for the work done, an employer is offered the opportunity to post some feedback or a reference letter on the website. A student can also post feedback, if it includes a link to the employer’s contacts.

 Why a non-paid internship?

Non-paid temporary employment significantly increases the chances of finding  a place for an internship.  The willingness to accept this type of employment is excellent proof that a student or a young professional has professional working experience as his/her first and foremost goal.

What kind of vacancies do we publish?

Our website publishes vacancies (submitted by employers or by the WhileBeginners moderators) that can provide useful and creditable working experience for young professionals. This work experience includes temporary internships, temporary employment or one-time distance work offers.  What makes us different from other websites is we offer a young professional a wide choice of non-paid or minimal payment vacancies. The same principle applies to all of the resumes submitted on the website.

What do young professionals get in the end?

The first benefit of our service is that an employer will be much more willing to offer you an internship opportunity when it’s non-paid.  This will allow you to gain experience necessary for your employment history much faster.  Second, when the job is non-paid, you can request feedback or a letter of reference that can be published online.  Third, the feedback or references can be easily accessed by other employers.  This will significantly increase your chances of finding a good job offer in the future.

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how do you get work experience for your resume on whilebeginners

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