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What do you do if you are a young professional with no work experience?


 It often happens that a young graduate can’t find a job. The following article and infographics will tell what a new graduate can do in this situation.

 For a successful start of your career, you need to realize two things that may seem somewhat conflicting, but they will help the young professionals to reconsider their attitude to work:

1. Despite all the reassurances of teachers, relatives, and others, your degree, according to the majority of employers, is not a guarantee of getting a high-paying job due to the lack of professional experience.

2. On the other hand, a significant number of employers are ready to offer jobs without experience to the young professionals with adequate goals if they know about the other strengths they possess.

 What kind of advantages do young professionals with no working experience have?

Surveys among HR managers at various companies show that:

— 74% think that the key criterion for the selection of young professionals is “personal competence”;

— 54% consider the “level of computer literacy” to be an important selection criterion;

— 62% believe that “motivation for achievement” is a priority trait.

This means that the young professionals can compensate for their lack of professional experience by the following positive qualities:

•    fresh perspective;

•    adaptability;

•    desire to learn;

•    ambitiousness and enthusiasm;

•    courage in decision making;

•    knowledge of foreign languages;

•    high level of computer proficiency.

 So, how can young professionals find a job without experience?

The answer may seem very simple and lies on the surface: find an employer who is seeking a specialist with the qualities listed above and… that’s it. But, in fact, job hunting may take longer than expected. To make sure that your job search doesn’t take a long time,  you must follow these seven main principles:

1.       Have a young professional’s resume.

To show the strengths of a young professional, your resume must be different from that of an experienced specialist where professional experience is most important.

2.       Announce yourself.

Don’t stop at posting your resume on two or three job search websites. You should also register for social networks accounts and join job hunt-oriented groups. In short, make yourself known wherever possible.

3.       View local job search websites and ads.

Make it a rule to not just view vacancies on big job search portals but also to check ads on local websites.  You can often find all of the information that you need there.

4.     Do direct mailing.

Write a professional cover letter to add to your resume.  Try to find email addresses of HR specialists and mail your resume to all of the companies that you find interesting (and even to those you don’t!).

5.     Have realistic salary requirements.

One of the two main reasons for a long job search for young professionals and graduates is unreasonable salary requirements. Remember that even if you have all of the advantages in the above-mentioned list, no employer will pay you just for being such a great candidate.

6.     Don’t forget about networking.

Develop useful relations; this will come in handy not only at the moment but in the future as well.

7.    Start small; don’t be afraid of unskilled work.

This is the second reason why it can take young professionals without experience so long to find a job.  Many of them have unreasonable requirements for their future work position. An employer is ready to pay for the result you are able to provide. In his eyes, your degree and the long list of great professional qualities are not sufficient for giving you a position that requires skills, experience, and competence. Therefore, start small and don’t be afraid of unskilled labor.

What do you do if you are a young professional with no work experienceWhat do you do if you are a young professional with no work experience  

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