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How to get working experience for your resume at an online distance job


In addition to various ways to get professional experience for your resume, there is one growing increasingly popular to work at home, accomplishing various kinds of tasks online.

 1.       Write a resume

Remote, or distance job online is becoming increasingly popular, along with the rapid development of the IT sphere. According to various studies:

— every third employer has employees who work at home;

— more than two-thirds of employees think that distance jobs are a great alternative for the traditional office jobs;

—seven out of every ten graduates and young specialists think that working at office is not necessary.

It should also be noted that recently the number of areas of activities that offer distance vacancies have also increased.  Today, it’s not only IT professionals that can work at home but also HR and sales specialists. The popularity of distance jobs is attributable to their undeniable convenience: you don’t have to spend much time and energy to get to your office and employers don’t have to spend money to pay for the premises and equipment.

 What are the advantages of the distance jobs for graduates?

Graduates should by all means try distance type jobs to get professional experience they need for their resumes, since the advantages of this type of jobs are:

— the number of companies that offer this kind of internship is not restricted to your area of residence;  it’s almost limitless;

— no transport expenses;

— ability to schedule your own working time.

 What kind of jobs can a graduate do online?

Graduates and young specialists don’t have sufficient professional skills and this suggests that the jobs will most likely require unskilled labor. For example, it’s call operators, or jobs involving routine data processing. However, this kind of job has its advantages: it’s paid and you can work at home. You can also look for a more qualified job — for example, website design development or making an accounting report. But to find an employer who will be willing to trust you with this kind of complex job, there is something you need to do.

 What kind of salary should you ask for?

If you offer to do a job and have (and should have!) at least theoretical knowledge and skills that allow you to do it, you shouldn’t be asking for any salary at all. It’s the only thing that will make your potential employer give you this job.

 Why do you need a letter of recommendation?

If you have no work experience, a recommendation letter may play a significant part when you are looking for a better job. Besides, if you’ve done an unpaid job (as mentioned above), a letter of recommendation will be a sort of payment you get for it.

 Where can you find distance jobs?

The answer is simple:  on the Internet, numerous specialized websites, and social networks. We recommend that you place your resume wherever you can, including WhileBeginners.  Our WhileBeginners project is specially intended for  those who search for internship programs and jobs, including distance jobs online, and are ready to do a job for no or nominal payment. You can also place your letter of recommendation or feedback online and provide a link to it in your resume.

How to get working experience for your resume at an online distance jobHow to get working experience for your resume at an online distance job

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