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5 steps to effective internship for graduates


If there were no internships available for graduate students, future specialists and engineers would have a hard time at work after getting their degree. In order to find your place of internship quickly and to pass it effectively, you need to know a few things about internship opportunities.

 1.      Write a resume.

Internship search starts with writing a resume. It’s important to note that a young specialist’s or a graduate’s resume is somewhat different from that of an experienced professional. It’s generally attributable to lack of work experience. But as a rule, employers who seek graduates for their internship programs are aware of this and pay attention to other things. In your resume, you can specify any other experience not connected with your professional activity by saying a lot about you as a purposeful and active person. For example, if you are a head of some group or a trade union leader, this will describe you as a responsible person with leadership abilities. Also, don’t forget to specify any information about supplementary education during internship search as well as knowledge of foreign languages. You can learn more about writing a resume with no work experience in this article.

 2.       Place a resume.

Place your resume wherever you can, but bear in mind that you shouldn’t be restricted to official websites like HeadHunter.

 Attention! Personal advice from WhileBeginners!

 “Place your resume on local websites — you can find a significant number of offers for interns there”

 You can email your resume directly to companies that have internship programs you want to participate in. As a rule, large companies have separate email addresses intended for this purpose.

 3.       Interview.

You must be well prepared for the job interview, so make sure you have the appropriate outfit ready. In the majority of companies, there are dress code requirements and common rules of business etiquette. That’s why it might not be the best idea to come to your interview wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Being late is absolutely out of the question, so if you feel you may be late, just try to switch the interview to a more convenient time. During an interview try to be natural and never try to invent details or lie. You have to keep one simple thing in mind all the time: an internship, in the employer’s eyes, is not for earning money, it’s a way to get your first practical experience. What you need to do is to show that it’s what you came for; let your potential employer know that salary level is not something that concerns you right now and that you are ready to complete an internship for no or nominal payment. By the way, WhileBeginners project is for young specialists who are ready to participate in internship programs for free.

 4.       Internship.

In order to catch all the internship opportunities, you need to follow these tips:

 — get acquainted with your function and working duties from the start. These should be included in the internship (on-the-job training) schedule;

 — learn about internal rules of conduct and safety instructions even if your working space is an office;

 — don’t hesitate to ask people (for example, your trainer) questions, if there’s something about the working process you don’t understand;

 — improve yourself and educate yourself continuously: read specialized literature, guides, instructions etc.;

 — be proactive, purposeful and persistent;

 — be friendly to your colleagues, but never try to be ingratiating and by no means resort to gossiping and scheming (remember networking).

 5.       Letter of recommendation

it is a good practice to ask your employer for a letter of recommendation after completing your internship. In the future, it will be very beneficial when you look for a better job after you finally get your degree. We recommend that you draw up a template of the letter in advance to save your employer from doing this by himself. We also advise you to place your resume, along with your letter of recommendation and feedback on WhileBeginners where they will always be available for viewing to potential employers.

5 steps to effective internship for graduates5 steps to effective internship for graduates

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