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6 reasons to recruit an intern


Organizing internship programs for graduate students and young professionals and hiring interns can be very useful, both for small companies and large enterprises.

It is true that not all employers want to deal with internship programs in their companies. Lack of desire to hire interns is attributable to certain issues of formalizing job placement and some degree of distraction of principal staff members from work etc. However, the number of employers that have organized internship programs for graduate students and young specialists has increased.  Properly organized internships provide significantly more benefits than problems.  In this article we will tell you how to recruit interns. Let’s start with the main reasons of hiring interns:

1.      Interns help employers to meet their unskilled work needs.

This is the most common reason for organizing internships. As a rule, taking into consideration their lack of professional skills and low qualifications, graduate students are offered positions as assistants, general duty workers, couriers, office managers etc.  The employer can save a lot of money since his principal specialists don’t get distracted doing unskilled work.

2.     It’s less expensive to raise a professional than to buy one.

It’s always hard to find a good professional employee. It’s not just hard but also costly and time-consuming. That’s why, as long as you know to recruit interns, it will ensure a stable inflow of new specialists. Of course, it will take time to train interns and help them adapt to work activity, but they will become professionals with a higher level of loyalty than newly hired experienced employees.

3.      Building personnel pool

Provided that there are plans for training and hiring specialists from among interns, one has an opportunity to choose the best one. However, it’s important to know how to recruit interns in a right manner and organize internship properly to bring out the strongest qualities in each of the future candidates.

4.      Boosting team morale.

Young people with their fresh ideas and views and a different attitude to life can boost staff morale significantly. At the same time, interns make their older and more experienced colleagues catch up to their pace.

5.      Networking and company’s positive image.

Young people can now easily connect with each other via social networks, so information spreads quickly. That’s why creation of your company’s positive image is important not only with regard to your clients, customers and experienced specialists but also to graduate students and young professionals. They will be the ones who’ll send you employment applications.

6.      Monitoring education trends.

An employer always needs to stay informed as to the graduates’ level of proficiency, as well as to changes in main education trends. In addition, employers must communicate their new demands for future employees to educational institutions. In this case, an internship is an excellent way to organize feedback between an employer and graduates.

PS: We’d like to say a few words about WhileBeginners project, which is based on the following principles:

1)       the online portal publishes information from those graduates and young specialists who are ready to participate in internship programs or get a temporary job for free or small payment;

2)      you can place a vacancy for an internship or job with small or no salary at all on the website.

That’s why only collects information about those graduates and young specialists whose absolute priority is getting professional experience.

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