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How can you get work experience at a temporary job?


There is perhaps no better way to start your career and get your first work experience than temporary work. This is because unlike internships, temporary jobs offer a regular position with all of the corresponding rights and obligations. Learn more about how and where you can find a temporary job in this article and infographics.

 The following statistics prove that it’s a very good way to start a career for graduate students and young professionals. According to various studies, more than 30% of employers are ready to offer a permanent position to employees who occupy temporary positions. It is also a great way to get your first professional experience and first practical working skills. But before starting to look for temporary work, we suggest that you read the following tips and infographics from

 Where can you look for temporary vacancies?

We recommend that you view the offers on local websites where, as a rule, you can find several listings.

Lots of employers don’t publish any information on temporary vacancies related to, for example, vacations. That’s why you can also send emails directly to employers, but don’t forget to specify in your cover letter that you offer yourself, among other things, as a substitute for a temporarily absent employee. Most likely, you won’t get an offer immediately, but your resume will be placed in a company’s database and they will contact you if a need arises.

You can also ask your friends, relatives and acquaintances about any vacancies they might know of as often as you can.

 When can you look for temporary work?

Seasonality is one of the contributing factors when it comes to the occurrence of temporary vacancies. For example, temporary workers are required for many types of work during seasonal activities in the agricultural sector. As a rule, many vacancies occur during the summer in the tourism-related, hotel and restaurant business. At the same period, there is always a big demand for temporary workers in almost every other area of business activity.

 What kind of positions offer temporary vacancies?

As a rule, temporary vacancies don’t offer positions for qualified workers.  The positions of office workers include office managers, sales managers, accounting and legal assistants etc.   In the resort and restaurant business, some of the jobs are waiters, receptionists, and administrators. 

 What kind of salary should you ask for in a temporary job?

In the agricultural sector, as well as in the hotel, tourism-related and restaurant business, there is an established range of salaries determined by the specific conditions in the job market. You can learn more about the salary level from job ads and by asking employers.  In terms of other areas of business activity, they usually offer salaries lower (up to 30% lower) than those earned by full-time staff members.

 How can you get a letter of recommendation after you are done with your temporary work?

In case you, for some reason, weren’t included in those 30% of lucky people who got a full-time job offer, it wouldn’t hurt to ask for a letter of recommendation. It will make your chances of finding a good job significantly higher.

 How can you get professional experience at a temporary job?

To make your temporary occupation useful and to get as much professional experience as possible, follow these basic rules:

first, look for a temporary work that is advantageous for you. That is, choose a vacancy in the area you’d like to build your career in;

second, never be afraid of asking your experienced colleagues about all the details and aspects of the job that you do;

third, constantly educate yourself.

How can you get work experience at a temporary jobHow can you get work experience at a temporary job

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