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4 Reasons to Get a Recommendation Letter if You Are a Student


Some recruiters think that recommendation letters can significantly increase a student’s chances  of finding a better job in the future. The following article and infographic will describe the reasons why young professionals need to provide themselves with recommendation letters in advance.

The day when a student or a young professional gets his first job can’t be considered as the start of a successful career. There is still much to be done:  such as gaining professional skills and proving yourself as a true professional. In addition, you usually don’t build a career at your first place of work — for many reasons. This is why there are several factors proving that a recommendation letter can play a decisive role for a student or a young professional when he/she is looking for another job.

1.  Providing proof for your work experience.

A recommendation letter is, first of all, necessary for:

  • proving that a candidate does have actual work experience which he/she mentioned in his/her resume;
  • showing that your professional experience is adequate for the skills needed for the vacancy;
  • A general evaluation of a candidate and recommending this candidate for certain positions and types of work at particular companies.

A student’s recommendation letter, due to the lack of work experience, has to pay special attention to the types of practical skills which he/she gained and whether they are adequate  for the requirements of the job position that he/she is applying for. It is also necessary to mention the perspective of professional growth and to give general recommendations for a young professional.

 It is not possible to mention these things in a regular resume.  That is why recommendation letters is the only document that will give your new employer some idea about the previous employer’s opinion about you.

2. Making your resume stand out among others.

Numerous studies confirm that an HR officer spends no more than half a minute to read a resume. This is why a letter of recommendation will make your resume stand out from the others. It is likely that a resume with a recommendation letter attached to it will be selected for further consideration.

3. Impressing an HR officer.

The very fact that you have a recommendation letter means that you are a thorough, careful and purposeful person. This is why, apart from providing your potential employer with objective information on your professional history, you will get an ally in the person of an HR officer.  Moreover, you will significantly lessen the time that this HR officer spends to preparing information about you for his/her company’s management.

4. Building your reputation

The entire professional history of a person and his/her career are inextricably interlinked with building their own professional reputation. Recommendation letters are those bricks which you build your professional reputation with. This is why students and young professionals have to start collecting letters of recommendation at the very beginning of their careers.

4 Reasons to Get a Recommendation Letter if You Are a Student4 Reasons to Get a Recommendation Letter if You Are a Student

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