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What you shouldn’t write in the CV: common resume mistakes


Many people make errors in their CVs. However, for a recent graduate, even one resume mistake can be critical.

All of the major and critical mistakes are listed below. We advise you to also check the infographic in this article to create a perfect resume.

CV’s bad grammar

This is a very common resume mistake. Use of bad grammar will probably lead to your resume being thrown in the waste-paper basket. According to the vast majority of recruiters, bad grammar and nonsensical talk are indicative of a low level of development and education. Therefore, you need to carefully re-read your resume several times before you send it to the employer.

Bad execution and low "readability"

The text font should be easy to read and of a reasonable size; It should be in the range of point size between 12 and 14. However, the main section of the CV should be clearly structured and all of the CV’ text must be placed on one page.

Incomplete contact details

To create a perfect resume, you should provide both a phone number and e-mail address. Since many recruiters will not have time to write an e-mail, it is easier to call them. Conversely, some companies have rules strictly that require only email responses.

Bad Photo

 It is important that the photo does not include a bare-chest, show the applicant with a lovely dog or friends or even worse with a cigarette and a bottle of beer in your hand.  These photos will not give you credibility with recruiters.

Original resume

 It has become very popular to have a CV with an infographic or artistic drawings. However, it is better to not take chances and to prepare a usual resume in a standard format.

Playful e-mail

 In addition to a bad photo, the playful email address like will not help you to gain recruiter credibility.

Simultaneously sending resume to multiple employers

You should send your CV to each employer separately. We also advise you to write a small resume cover letter. Otherwise, if the recruiter sees that you address it to multiple employers, they are likely to question your interest in the job.

Sending a resume in archived form

It is also one of the common resume mistakes. It should be possible to open your CV quickly and easily on almost any computer. You do not need to archive it because the recipient may not have the archive program. It is better to your resume in the format * .rtf. This will help to avoid a conflict with different versions of text editors. You should also ensure that your resume is not more than 100 kb.

We recommend that you read (and share with friends!) the infographics in this article.

What you shouldn’t write in the CV_ common resume mistakesWhat you shouldn’t write in the CV_ common resume mistakes

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