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Can’t find a job because you have no work experience?


Find an unpaid internship offer on the WhileBeginners website and submit an intern’s resume online.


To confirm your experience, publish some feedback or a recommendation letter on WhileBeginners.

Get your professional working experience with WhileBeginners!
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Unpaid internships for students

What’s so special about this project?

One of the best ways to find jobs with no experience and to develop a career history is to do unpaid internships.  All that you have to do is submit your resume via our website, find a job, and after you finish the on-the-job training you can submit a recommendation letter or other feedback online. In addition, the vacancy database on the site is regularly updated.

Why unpaid internships?

A student’s readiness to do an internship or on-the-job training free of charge is the best way to show an employer that the student is a young specialist who is sincere in his desire to get work experience.

What kind of vacancies do we publish?

Find jobs with no experience on our site! We publish vacancies, on-the-job training offers, part time and remote work offers.   These jobs require no experience and you can include them in your CV.  All of the listed vacancies are closely reviewed. Employers’ offers that don’t  provide credible working experience (e.g. working as a porter) are immediately deleted.

What a student or a young professional gets in the end:

— Credible work experience that he/she can mention in his/her resume;

— Employer’s recommendation letter that is published online (any of your future potential employers can view it);

— Competitive CV and better chance to find a good position in the future;

You can also download your resume in a pdf format and share a link to it from the website.

What an employer gets in the end:

— A job done by a student or young professional free of charge or for a modest incentive;

— The replacement of a temporarily absent employee — for a moderate payment;

— Excellent young professionals with a goal of getting jobs with no experience and training after effective career building.

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